Welcoming Community Psychiatric Clinic to the Hub!

Ballard Food Bank is a zone of safety for people beset with all sorts of challenges. We are finding that clients are open to asking for help from our clinicians. We see that by starting to access drug and alcohol and mental health treatment services we are helping people rebuild their lives. Food bank clients are dealing with gathering the basics they need to survive; Community Psychiatric Clinic is helping them build skills that can move them to the next level of success in life.

— David Newman, Substance Use Disorder Services Program Manager Community Psychiatric Clinic

We recently welcomed a new partner to our Community Resource Hub! Community Psychiatric Clinic (CPC) provides outpatient mental health and substance use recovery services and sees clients weekly in the private offices available to our partners in the Hub. CPC joins our rotating list of partner providers seeing clients regularly at the food bank, including Neighborcare Health, REACH case management, VA Primary Care for homeless veterans, health plan enrollment for Medicare and Medicaid recipients, Food Stamp enrollment, and Tenants Union.

Accessing these critical services onsite actively improves the lives of our neighbors. One of our clients recently completed a court-mandated alcohol and drug assessment onsite with Community Psychiatric Clinic, preventing reincarceration. Throughout the year, clients have connected with our partner agencies on-site over 730 times; far surpassing our expectations for the Community Resource Hub in our first year! We will continue to curate new partnerships with agencies to make both on- and off-site connections for our clients as we grow the Hub. By building partnerships with high quality agencies already doing great work in our community and who are experts in other service areas, Ballard Food Bank is helping clients access resources in a location they already visit regularly and in a familiar, safe environment. Our goal is to be the strongest, most efficient connection possible for our clients to access services that can meet their needs.