Meet our new food justice advocates

Ballard Food Bank recently said au revoir to two special staff members, Peggy and Johnny. Now we’ve brought on two new food justice advocates ready to fill their shoes.

Assistant Director Kathleen Murphy and Food Bank Manager Lilly Glover are ready to hit the ground running. Both are working to ensure that our clients have a positive and welcoming experience. They want shopping the Food Bank or using the Community Resource Hub to be no different than going to your local grocery store or doctor’s office.

Kathleen took the helm as assistant director in November. Her new position involves oversight of most programs like home delivery and the food bank, and identifying new initiatives that will bring food and hope to our neighbors. The learning curve has been steep. “The best way to learn the role is to get out of the office and into the Food Bank, warehouse, and delivery van,” she said.

Kathleen strives to empower the people she works with. She spends a lot of time listening to long-term employees and volunteers about what’s been most successful and where improvements can be made. She explained: “Ballard Food Bank has a mighty volunteer force and learning what each volunteer does best and how they became comfortable in that position will help us improve the experience for both volunteers and clients in the future.”

She has a background working with youth and young adults who are experiencing homelessness. Kathleen is now excited to apply her knowledge and experience to the world of food justice. “I’m not afraid to propose new ideas and bring a wide perspective, but I have an immense respect for the folks who’ve been at Ballard Food Bank for such a long time,” she explained

When Kathleen has free time, she loves to travel. She recently got her scuba diver’s certification in Belize and now plans her trips around the best dive spots. She also loves spending time with her corgi/lab mix, Corky.

Lilly joined the Ballard Food Bank team as a food bank manager last October. She’s involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring client satisfaction, efficiency, and inventory. Lilly’s favorite part of her new position is getting to know our clients. Lilly told us: “I really love the cast of clients, volunteers, and staff that make Ballard Food Bank feel like a web of neighbors helping neighbors. It’s a community.”

“I used to be in retail management. Tasks like inventory management and creating service models are the same; they can be applied to the nonprofit world. I think I can bring a little of my own flavor and insight,” states Lilly. She came into the food bank world first by volunteering and most recently served as a manager at the Pike Market Food Bank.

“What attracted me to Ballard Food Bank was their grocery-style model and abundance of hours open to clients,” she told us. “You get to know them. It’s the slight nuances, that make a big difference: ‘Oh! This is how you like your grapes packed.’”

When Lilly’s not getting to know her clients and making sure shelves are bountiful, she’s often catering to her two dogs and enjoying the outdoors like any true Seattleite. She recently went home to Texas for the holidays and spent time helping her dad on their heritage poultry farm.

We’re thrilled to have Kathleen and Lilly on board. Please join us in welcoming them, and feel free to stop in and say hi!

Please welcome Kathleen (left) and Lilly (right) to the Ballard Food Bank team!

Please welcome Kathleen (left) and Lilly (right) to the Ballard Food Bank team!