Community Partners

Grocery Recovery Partners

We greatly appreciate the donations we receive from our partners in the community. They help keep our food bank and hygiene supplies full. 

Albertsons: Magnolia
All the Best Pet Care
Amazon Fresh
Ballard Market
Ballard P-Patch
Byen Bakeri
Cougar Mountain Bakery
Cupcake Royale
Food Lifeline
Grocery Outlet
Interbay P-Patch
Metropolitan Market: Magnolia
Mud Bay
New Seasons Market
Northwest Harvest
QFC: Ballard & Interbay
Safeway: Ballard & Crown Hill
Scandinavian Specialties
Sip and Ship: Ballard
Smart Foodservice Warehouse
Sunday Ballard Farmers Market
Tall Grass Bakery
Top Pot Doughnuts
Trader Joes: Ballard
Whole Foods: Interbay


Partner Organizations

Bridge Care Center
King County Public Health
Queen Anne Helpline
Within Reach
Work Source

Additionally, we'd like to thank the following organizations for their funding support:

Kawabe Memorial Fund, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee.

Supported by United Way of King County

This work is supported by funding from the City of Seattle Sweetened Beverage Tax.